Kyle Gilrain In The News

Main Stories:

Nadi, Aliza "National Deaf Academy, Hit With Abuse Allegations, Is Closing" NBC News [New York, NY] 15 Jan. 2016

Stanford, Livi Troubled National Deaf Academy Closes" Daily Commercial [Leesburg, FL] 15 Jan 2016. [PDF VERSION]

Gillespie, Ryan "National Deaf Academy, Hit With Abuse Allegations, Is Closing" Orlando Sentinel [Orlando, FL] 14 Jan. 2016

Stanford, Livi "Former NDA therapists speak out about alleged abuse at facility" Daily Commercial [Leesburg, FL] 12 Oct. 2014 [PDF VERSION]

Nadi, Aliza. "Deaf Girl Says Staffer Broke Her Arm at Facility Being Probed by FBI" NBC News [New York, NY] 18 Sept. 2014

Omaye, Jayna . "Suits allege more abuse at Mount Dora deaf academy" Orlando Sentinel [Orlando, FL] 17 Sept. 2014.

"Lawsuits accuse National Deaf Academy of abuse and neglect"News 13 - Florida 15 Sept. 2014

Nadi, Aliza "'Mom, Please Help': FBI Probing Alleged Abuse of Deaf, Autistic Kids" NBC News [New York, NY] 14 Sept. 2014

"Moving Mountains on Behalf of Abused Clients: Kyle Gilrain’s Story" Columbia SSW News (Tumblr) [New York NY] 12 Sept. 2014. [PDF VERSION]

Lelis, Ludmilla. "Lawsuit against Mount Dora Deaf School Alleges Abuse, Neglect." Orlando Sentinel [Orlando, FL] 11 Apr. 2013.

Florida Private Sector Whistleblower Act Lawsuit Gilrain and Savage v. National Deaf Academy, LLC UHS of Delaware Inc., Universal Health Services Inc.

Ancillary Stories: