Kyle J. Gilrain

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Advocate, Author

Kyle J. Gilrain is a Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Supervisor, Advocate, and Author.

Education and Experience

Kyle is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Social Work and has considerable experience in healthcare.

Treatment Philosophy

Kyle affirms a deep belief in the potential of every individual. His treatment philosophy fosters this basic tenet.

In The News

Check out news articles featuring Kyle's work. From advocacy through whistleblowing to program improvement.


Kyle provides mental health leadership and treatment through Rambler Mental Health.

Clinical Supervision

Kyle is licensed to provide clinical supervision for licensure in New Jersey, Florida, and Louisianna.


Kyle can provide consulting for healthcare agencies looking to improve the quality of their care and revenue.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  – Margaret Mead

Consulting and Process Improvement

Reducing process completion time

Identifying wasted efforts

Improving the quality of work output

Achieving regulatory compliance

Reducing friction in the process

New Paths and Positive change

Forge a New Path and Create Positive Change

Mental Health

Kyle provides mental health therapy through Rambler Mental Health.

Clinical Supervision

Kyle provides clinical supervision for consult or licensure through Rambler Mental Health.

Education and Training

Kyle provides education and training through Rambler Mental Health.

Failure to Care: Whistleblowing in Healthcare

Failure to Care: Whistleblowing in Healthcare is both a timely and hard-hitting book about the importance and significance of whistleblowing as a mechanism for accountability within healthcare institutions.

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